• Introduction
  • Church Leeds welcomes Deaf and disabled customers to the venue
  1. Contact Details
  2. Paul Sincair
  3. Paul.sinclair@tokyoindustries.com
  4. 07515352872
  5. All enquiries around access will be responded to within 5 days
  7. Download Link (word doc)
  9. Venue Description
  10. There are two entrances to Church. The main entrance has 15 to the door, but the entrance door to the chapel side has level access into the building.
  11. If the gig is in chapel as soon as you are through the doors you and in the main arena.
  12. Church gig is entrance through chapel, through the main arena in chapel and then 4 metres to the side of the stage and you are on a raised area with a view of the stage.
  14. Personal Assistant tickets
  15. Church Leeds offers a ticket for a PA at no additional cost to a disabled customer who may not be able to attend without the support of a PA. if you require a PA ticket, please get in touch with us to arrange this.
  16. Accessible viewing area
  • There is a dedicated viewing area in both gig rooms. If you require use of the viewing area, please contact us in advance to arrange this.
  1. Travel Guide and Arrival Guide
  • The nearest car park to the venue is on street parking
  • Taxis are able to drop customers off right outside the front door to the venue
  • The nearest train station is Leeds, which is ½ a mile away. The nearest bus stop is 10 metres away, and has the following route 1 and x84.
  • The venue is usually open 7pm for live music if you require early entry as part of your access requirements, please let us know in advance. When you make yourself know to our door staff, they will be able to show you in and direct you where to go.
  •  Toilets
  • The venue has an accessible toilet, which is accessed via a RADAR key. This toilet is 5 metres from the viewing platform.
  1. Customers with Medical Requirements
    e welcome any customers who may need to bring medication, medical equipment, food or drink with them to manage a medical condition. If you have any concerns, please contact us.
  1. Assistance Dogs
  • We welcome assistance dogs into our venue. If you will be attending with an assistance dog, all we ask is that you let us know in advance. That way we can prepare any necessary provisions, such as a bowl of water, for your dog.
  1. Strobe Lighting
  • Is used in the venue.
  1. Other Info
  • At present, we do not have any lowered bars, but our bar staff will be happy to assist you in any way they can.