The date is the 7th of August 1993, the location, a small sleepy town called Mirfield in the heart of west Yorkshire.The time is 9.30 pm and the doors were about to open for the very first time on the musical institution that is Hard Times.

From that one amazing night we have continued to write and re-write history time and time again.

Twenty Four unbelievable years have thundered along leaving a mountain of memories and a heap of casualties along the way.
Yet after all these years it continues to encapsulate the very meaning of what we love and know as Hard Times.

On the 16 the September we shall be celebrating those 24 unbelievable years and invite you to be part of something that will prove to be another very special magical night .

Your hosts for the evening...
Tony Humphries & Roger Sanchez

Tony Humphries

Tony Humphries has now been DJing nearly 35 years, an incredible achievement that in any other industry would have been rewarded with a carriage clock, service medal and a free bus pass. His big break came through a chance meeting with Mastermixer Shep Pettibone at the offices of Prelude Records. A shy Humphries handed over his 120-minute mixtape to Shep and then forgot all about it. A few days later, he received the following message from Shep. “Hey Tony! This is Shep Pettibone. I was the chillin’ on the beach listening to your cassette tape, and it was fierce! I work for a radio station in NYC called WBLS and there’s this new radio station starting called Kiss FM and I got a new job there where I’m responsible for 16 hours of music programming. Do you think you could put together four hours of music and have it delivered by tomorrow afternoon?” Kiss FM became the hottest station in the five boroughs and Humphries’ star rose and his show went on to last for many years both at KISS and, later, HOT 97.

Roger Sanchez

Hard Times present Roger on the back of a far-reaching history that has seen the talent and events company collaborate on numerous occasions as far back as New Years Eve 93/94. Since then he headlined the now infamous Hard Times event at Bagley’s Film Studio in London alongside Tony Humphries. Not to mention collaborating with the Hard Times label with iconic releases such as ‘Time 2 Stop’ under the guise of the S Man.


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