The birth of Hip Hop music in New York's South Bronx, Flatbush and Brooklyn area’s wouldn't have been if it wasn’t for Sound System and Caribbean culture. Forefathers of Hip Hop, DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Doug E Fresh were all born in the West Indies and brought the rhythm & bass vibes to the streets of New York and never looked back.

Hip Hop, a culture born out of a melting pot of Caribbean, Latino and African Americans. The influence these groups had in the birth of Hip Hop was huge. In the Reggae scene the art of “Toasting” came well before what we now consider Hip Hop emceeing, sampling records also came first in Reggae and “showdowns” between MCs later became the rap battles we know today. Latino’s in the south bronx were at the forefront of the breakdancing movement and slipping Latin musical elements into the breaks was a standard for b-boy crews.

At the first Applebum Xmas Carnival we pay homage to the Sound System roots of Hip Hop culture with a journey through the sounds of Caribbean, Latin and African influenced urban Jams. As well as our usual Hip Hop House Party vibes… Think; Drake “One Dance”, J Hus “Did you See”, Chris Brown “Shabba”, YG “Pop it, Shake it”, Cypress Hill “Insane in the Brain”, Rihanna “Work”, Pharrell “Beautiful” and lots lots more!

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